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Meet Christoffer Carlsson – Nordic Noir Talks

NORDIC NOIR TALKS – meet the authors behind the crimes.

Nordic Noir and Scandinavian Mystery have taken the world by storm but what’s behind the success? Are our Scandinavian societies hotbeds for murders and crime? Meet the authors behind the crimes and find out for yourselves!

Thursday 14th Sept 18:30

Meet Christoffer Carlsson

The Leo Junker series – about a young police officer teetering on the edge of the law, crippled by both trauma in the past and bad judgment in the present. Although Leo can’t let go of the crimes he must investigate, his obsession isn’t due to some deep sense of duty; Leo is haunted by the crimes because they in some way seem to be about him.

As a criminologist, Christoffer Carlsson is more interested in the motivations behind the crimes than the crimes themselves. His books are about the why rather than the what. And, most of all, they are about the who.

To be released this summer in English: October is the Coldest Month, a young adult mystery.

Advance tickets (60:- incl. refreshments) are available at the bookshop or online from

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september 14 2017


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