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Launch & signing: The Magdalena File – Jon Stenhugg

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
When a ship goes down in the Baltic, a deadly secret surfaces, and everyone wants it.
Jon Stenhugg launches his latest book The Magdalena File – Sara Markham and John Hurtree uncover foreign and domestic forces working to destroy Stockholm.
Short talk about some of the problems which arise when writing fiction based on historical events.
Author reading & signing. Free.
at The English Bookshop, Södermannagatan 22, Stockholm
”IN SEPTEMBER 1994, the MS Sally sunk off the coast of Sweden, close to Estonia. Among the wreckage and bodies lay secret, smuggled Russian weapons technology on its way to Stockholm. Several countries searched for it, but when it couldn’t be found, no one ever expected it to surface again.
When it turns out a previous member of Parliament, Hoffberg bought a manual to operate the weapon, the assumption is that he and a diver named Spimler might have been working together to blackmail the Swedish government. But who would want them both dead?
Chief Inspector Lars Ekman, the head of Counter Terrorism, is in over his head. He makes a call to John Hurtree, now retired, but a legend as an investigator in the US Army CID. With time ticking down, Sarah and John join forces, continuing to search for answers even after the case is handed over to another agency. Sarah is convinced discovering the identity of a woman named Magdalena is the key to solving the case.
But will they get the answers in time? And how many people will die before they do?”
februari 15 2018


Datum tor 15 februari
Tid 18:30 - 19:30
Pris Gratis
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Medverkande Jon Stenhugg


The English Bookshop Stockholm

Södermannagatan 22
Stockholm, 116 23

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The English Bookshop Stockholm
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